Smelly Goat Acres LLC is a local family-run dairy goat farm that was founded in 2008 with our first pair of Nubian goats. We chose our name based on the pungent cologne bucks love to wear.... We strive to make the most of everything the great outdoors has to offer., from our farm fresh eggs to the bounty of our huge garden. We love our little farm and work very hard to make sure that everyone under our care lives their best life. All of our products are fresh and local, so you can be sure you are buying the highest quality available. Feel free to reach out and see what's fresh this week. 


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Our mission at Smelly Goat Acres LLC is quite simple; provide our customers the highest quality products at a fair price while being good stewards of our land. We use only the best natural ingredients in everything we make, because we know that's what you expect. From our soaps and lotions to our fresh veggies, you can rest assured knowing that we did it with your family in mind.  

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Founded by Darin and Brandi in 2009, we’re proud to be stewards of our little plot of land. What started out as a few chickens and a small garden has turned into a few dozen hens, dairy goats, a 2500 square foot market garden, and a bee yard. From all of that, we have branched out into products that best demonstrate our commitment to quality. Our goat's milk soaps and lotions are extremely gentle and lightly scented with pure essential oils, our honey is pure Missouri honey, and our hickory syrup is sourced and made right here on the farm.  We are proud of the reputation we've built and invite you to experience Smelly Goat Acres LLC for yourself!

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